What a Candida Test is:

A Candida test is a highly sensitive Immunochromatographic test used to detect clinical antibodies of the IgG class in human blood that react with purified cellular Candida antigens.
It is used to establish serological evidence of a current or recent Candida infection.



Is Candida the hidden link between what you eat and how you feel?

Common foods such as bread, cheese, alcohol and sugar can cause a host of physical, mental and emotional problems if you suffer from Candidiasis.
Even when you are healthy, bacteria and yeasts, including Candida albicans, are present on your skin and in your mouth, nose and digestive tract. Normally, these micro-organisms exist on and in you without causing any harm.


In fact, the micro-organisms present in the lower digestive tract are highly beneficial in assisting in the digestion of food and in synthesizing vitamins which are essential to your good health.
Under certain conditions, Candida albicans can increase and upset the balance of your bacteria. This usually results in an infection known as Polysystemic Chronic Candidiasis (PCC) and can occur in men, women and children.

What are the symptoms?

PCC can manifest as multiple symptoms affecting different parts of the body.
Physical symptoms can include:

Digestive: cravings for sugar or breads, chronic bloating, cramps.
· Emotional: depression, irritability, inability to concentrate, frequent mood swings.

· Muscles/Joints: aching joints and muscles, feeling weak or tired.
· Weight: binge eating, excessive weight gain, water retention.
· Urogenital: frequent infections, itching, discharge.
· Other: premenstrual syndrome, headaches, rashes, delayed food allergies.


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